Accomplished Projects

We are proud of the success of our many projects, such as:

– The construction of the Executive Sottotribuna for the “Stadio Giuseppe Meazza”, first Tier Orange.
– The restructuring of the wonderful Casa Diocesana of Cosenza
– The recovery and restructuring of some evocative historical buildings, “Palazzo Oriolo” and “Palazzo Pontieri Gallo” Cassano (CS)
– The restoration of a historical Palace in Gorizia
– The renovation and retrofit of the old Theatre “Morelli” of Cosenza
– The restoration of the picturesque Episcopio di Squillace (CZ), property of inestimable historical value – The expansion and renovation of the Liceo Classico in Senigallia (AN) on behalf of the Town of Ancona – The completion of the Hospital of Castrovillari (CS), including the realization of the department of
– The recovery, restructuring and adaptation of a building destined to senior citizens in the town of Paola (CS)
– The construction of various gyms on behalf of the Province of Cosenza
– The construction of a swimming pool in the city of Castiglione (CS)
– The recovery and adaptation of a residential centre in the town of Lorica (CS), currently headquarters of the Sila National Park
– The construction of an auditorium and the renovation of the adjoining sports centre in Fuscaldo (CS)
– The construction of chapels and cemetery vaults for the city of Amantea (CS)
– The structural consolidation of a school in the City of Amantea (CS)
– Consolidation with pilings of a ridge and the construction of a road to the City of Nocara (CS)
– Maintenance, for several years, and construction of public housing, on behalf of ATERP, in the Province of Cosenza, including city schools in Rende (CS)
– Restructuring and Recovery of the former dormitory F.S. – City of Paola
– Building of 6 lodges of public housing in the town of Rossano (CS), on behalf of ATERP of Cosenza
– Construction of a wine cellar for the Municipality of Rocca Imperiale (CS)
– Maintenance of aqueducts and water supply in the area of Bonifati (CS) on behalf of Sorical
– Preservation and enhancement of the Bishop’s Seminary and the City of Squillace (CZ)
– Building completion and recovery of “Palazzo Gentile” in the municipality of Villapiana (CS)
– Creation of 24 new units in the Town of Trieste
– Works for the maintenance of 4 buildings, 9 rooms, and realization of 9 boxes for ATER Gorizia